Autism in Ocala:   We wish to open an Autism center here in Ocala Florida.  As previous board members of Ocala Autism Support Network, we were able to see first hand what families who have children on the Autism Spectrum needed and were missing.  In an effort to be able to provide these services, therapies and assistive devices, KidGenius was born.


....a Differently-Abled Approach

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The Ocala Autism Center

KidGenius inc and Urban Counseling’s non-profit arm; Gift of the Heart,  is proud to facilitate the Ocala Autism Center.  Dedicated to providing  the best possible care to those afflicted with Autism.  The Ocala Autism Center takes a whole child approach.  From diagnosing to innovative approaches to support the family as a whole, the Ocala Autism Center will provide families with the infra-structure necessary to maximize each child’s potential.

Under the guidance of a trained mental health provider, our free Autism Parent Support Group emphasizes emotional support and provides an opportunity for shared experiences.  Being part of a support group can help you develop a clearer understanding of what one experience’s as well as receive practical advice or information about treatment options and resources, such as doctors and alternative options not only from a professional perspective but from your peers as well.


If you are interested in starting a group that is professionally mediated and surrounded by people you feel comfortable with, feel free to contact us

Professionally mediated support groups

The PLAY Project® (Play & Language for Autistic Youngsters) is an evidence-based developmental intervention for families of young children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The PLAY Project is the pragmatic application of the theory of DIR® (Developmental Individual Differences & Relationship-Based)/Floortime™ and emphasizes the importance of helping parents become their child’s best PLAY partner.  The PLAY Project was founded in 2001 by Richard Solomon, M.D. out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Solomon developed this program in response to the lack of intensive early intervention services for children with ASD.

About the PLAY Project

Urban Counseling and KidGenius is proud to be part of a grass roots movement to provide Autism Services for our families here in Ocala, FL.  We understand the need for local services and want to empower the parents of children on the spectrum by provideing them with a newly evidence based form of therapy.


Research has found that the Play Project can help lessen the severity of Autism.  We are able to provide this form of therapy at a much more affordable costs to families as well as provide them with the tools necessary to assist their child on a day to day basis outside of the theraputic enviorment.


We urge you to contact Urban Counseling to schedule an evaluation and an opportunity to explore the many services that they are able to provide.


The Play Project is most benificial as an early intervention modality (Ages 0-6) however they do have additional theraputic approaches for those of any age

Early Intervention



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Autism Services

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