Autism in Ocala:   We wish to open an Autism center here in Ocala Florida.  As previous board members of Ocala Autism Support Network, we were able to see first hand what families who have children on the Autism Spectrum needed and were missing.  In an effort to be able to provide these services, therapies and assistive devices, KidGenius was born.


....a Differently-Abled Approach

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Our mission is to provide parents of children and young adults with all disabilities and special needs (ages 0-26) in central and northeast Florida with accurate information, interactive training, quality assistance, and empathetic support.

Serving all of Central Florida

Central Florida Parent Center, Inc.

(888) 61-AWARE

(888) 612-9273

Local: (727) 789-2400

Fax: (727) 498-5725


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ARC Marion offers services to persons in Ocala/Marion County, Florida born with intellectual and developmentaly disabilities ranging in age from birth to age three and then age 18 and older. Intellectual and developmental disabilities consist of those with medical diagnoses of autism, Prader Willi, cerebral palsy, Spina Bifida, and/or chromosomal disorders like Down’s syndrome.


OCALA, FL 34471

PHONE: 352-387-2210

FAX: 352-387-2216


8 A.M. – 4 P.M.

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Patient Services

Heart of Florida Health Center provides a comprehensive range of preventative and primary healthcare services across all life cycles. We currently have five physicians, one dentist and three nurse practitioners on staff, one whom specializes in pediatrics. We provide routine care for chronic conditions, lab work drawn on site and sent out for testing and referral assistance. With increased financial support, Heart of Florida will continue to expand its services in order to treat more patients and provide an even broader range of care.

Services Provided

Adult primary care, family planning, pediatric primary care, pediatric dental, acute/urgent care, behavioral health services, school and sports physicals, lab work and assistance with medications utilizing programs offered through pharmaceutical companies. Offered through referral: radiology, mammography, testing and specialty care.



203 East Silver Springs Blvd, #101, Ocala, Fl, 34470


1025 Southwest 1st Avenue, Ocala, FL, 34471


255 SE 17th Street, Ocala, FL, 34471


1801 SE 32nd Avenue, Ocala, FL, 34471



6401 SW 54th St, Suite 100, Ocala, FL, 34474

The Centers

5664 SW 60th Avenue, Ocala, FL, 34474


7055 SE 110th Street Rd, Belleview, FL, 34420


100 Marion Oaks Blvd, Ocala, FL, 34473


4500 NW 152nd Avenue, Reddick, FL, 32686

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Welcome to the KidGenius Village Directory. Please click on any of the directory links on the right to find information right at your fingertips.


*still under construction

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KidGenius has available seats on our board. Are you someone who are willing to be our little heros ultimate sidekick and help our families face big battles by guiding our organization. What's your super power?

Email if you are interested in becoming part of our extraordinary league directors!

We are proud to present our Board President, leader of our distinguished league; Rebecca Matthews, HR/EA of Krausz ( She has 15 years of experience primarily in the Human Services field as a Human Resources Manager, Office Manager and as a Group Facilitator specializing in Team Building, Equine Assisted Therapy and ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics). She served as the Guardian of The Refuge Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports individuals and families afflicted by addiction, by providing therapeutic opportunities such as residential treatment and outpatient services. Rebecca’s experience in business development, marketing and client services have facilitated her ability to better determine the needs of who she serves while decreasing costs and increasing client satisfaction ratings. Rebecca considers herself to be a lifelong learner and constantly peruses opportunities for growth in Human Services, Business Administration, and the most current Technology available. However, closest to her heart will always be Experiential Therapies.

‪#‎SUPERRebecca‬ has the ability to detect actions and events in other dimensions before they attack in ours. Her Gravitational manipulation will instantly draw you in and her power to manipulate molecules will keep there! She has the ability to tackle on supernatural phenomenal feats and quickly process multiple information streams while rapidly responding to changing tactical situations...ALL AT ONCE! Her agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist and KidGenius couldn’t feel safer in the hands of this super incredible markswoman. ‪#‎proceedwithcaution‬ ‪#‎dontletthatsmilefoolya‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman

Delsa Darline is Creative Communications Director. Her company e-Swank specializes in "Guerrilla" marketing tactics. Most importantly and foremost she is a mother. Her theory is to never take business so seriously that you forget why you set out to conduct it. “Before I go to bed every night I ask myself did I do all that I could; and then I sleep – I haven’t slept in 20 years!”

As one of the founders of our organization,her spidey senses tingled when she saw the lack of resources that were available for her Super Au-some son. ‪#‎SUPERDelsa‬ has the ability to shape shift and become a multi faceted member of our organization. . As the Vice President she is quicker than a speeding bullet to take the reigns, always ready with an arsenal of gadgets on her utility belt and the all knowing access of ‪#‎GoogleGlass‬ on her head. As Executive Director, her fluidity to address all aspects of KidGenius from business development to pavement pounding makes this techy toting hero a force to be reckoned with! ‪#‎GoogleMe‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman‬ ‪#‎tothebatmobile

April Adams has been in Banking since 1998, working her way up, into her current position as a Branch Sales Manager with M&S Bank, now a division of Ameris Bank. She has 2-children, her 15-year old daughter Breana, is a sophomore at Forest High School and participates in the ROTC program, and an 11-year old son, Loyd, who is in the 6th Grade at Osceola Middle School, and plays Football for the MCYFL Junior Cowboys. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and working-out and she is very involved with-in the community having had the honor & privilege to be involved in various community organizations such as:

Ocala Honor Flight-Board Member & Logistics Coordinator

BNI Profit Makers-Member & Vice President

Friends of the Ocala Public Library-Board Member & Past Treasurer

ELO/YPO-Member & on their Community Service Committee

M&S Bank-Strategic Planning Committee

United Way-Young Leaders Society, on their Campaign Committee, & their Focus Group

Wrigley Fields Baseball Association-Past Board Member & Treasurer

‪#‎SUPERApril‬ is the KidGenius treasurer. Her forecasting capabilities, allow her to quantitatively analyze variables, and best govern the financial wellbeing of our organization. This well-aimed calculated archer is always on her mark as she defines the inscrutable while safeguarding the organization’s finances by ensuring that the use of funds complies with conditions set by funding bodies. A galvanizing icon for KidGenius, she is comprised of equal parts of compassion and fearlessness and we are very proud to have her as an integral part of our league. ‪#‎KatnissHasNothinonApril‬ ‪#‎ReadyAimFire‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman‬

Joe Martone became involved in radio in 1968 with Junior Achievement and has worked in and out of radio ever since. Shortly after high school he enlisted in the Navy and served with the Air Wing VA-147 attached to the USS Constellation CVA-64. His main classification was CSG - Commissary man, but after the 12 hour daily shift was over he went to the Radio station where he worked on Armed Forces Radio & Television. This happened during his tours in Viet-Nam in the early 70’s. He stayed in as a Naval Reservist and finished his commitment as a Seabee. Newstalk-WOCA was bought in 2010 at which time it was only AM and went off the air at dusk. The first change was to go 24/ 7 and the second was to add a dual Broadcast on FM, The third change came with Audio & Video streaming. WOCA is heavily involved in the community and is a proud supporter of many of our local non-profits. Joe has served on the boards of the “Blue Ridge Radio Players (National Audio Theater)”, “Marion Literacy Council”, and “Vets Helping Vets”

‪#‎SuperJoe‬’s radio-active powers can bend sound waves into visions. With the ability to paint a picture with his words; this true visionary powers KidGenius with the guidance and knowledge necessary to strategically evolve and cater to needs of those that are “differently-abled”. His vast power and galactic reach within our community make us quite thankful that Big Joe's powers are used for the greater good! He is our beacon, and we would be lost without him. ‪#‎wouldntwanttomeethiminadarkalley‬ ‪#‎TheSourceofTheSource‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman‬

Recognized for strengthening women and empowering them to become Ambitious Mommies. Natalia enjoys transforming lives through motivational speaking and instilling guidance with core values to those in need. She aspires toward greatness by setting her mind to do something and being an example on how to accomplish completion. Her favorite word is Ambition, which means to have a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

‪#‎SUPERNatalia‬ does her "thang" with her ability to project powerful fields of manipulated energy right into your living room! Her proclivity for hard work delivers an omnipresence that allows her to cultivate contacts and develop assets in order to further collective goals. Through her dimensional travels, she is able to spotlight those who encompass an inclination to carry out good. Our humble Hollywood heroes’ extraordinary talents are an intrinsic value to KidGenius, and as quick as you can show “Jazz Hands” she will have your heart hog tied and captured! ‪#‎LeadingLady‬ ‪#‎Action‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman

Prior to coaching, Audra was a mentor, lay counselor and coordinator for various non-profits that served women and families. Today, Audra offers a variety of services including individual and couple’s coaching, keynote speeches and workshops. She currently resides in Ocala, Fl with her husband and best friend, Mack Hudson, and their faithful, four-legged squire, Leonidas.

Audra is an amazing addition to KidGenius. Her superpowers are always used for good and the beautiful Audra can pack quite a punch! Beauty, brawn & brains come together and make our ‪#‎SUPERAudra‬ a triple threat! She is passionate and stands strong on her beliefs and we are so glad to have her on our side!

To learn more, please visit

Christian Life Coach Audra Coats-Hudson

‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman‬ ‪#‎dontmesswithher‬ ‪#‎toughgirlsrule

Raquel Dulaney is a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Totally Awesome Massage & Wellness LLC , where she specializes in Manual Lymph Drainage and the treatment of Lymphedema. She has experience in chiropractic care, as well as having taught massage for several years at a local college. She has 2 children (7 if you count the furkids), that she loves to smother just a little bit. Music, laughter, and hugs are the grease that keep the wheels of her life moving.

We here at KidGenius have fanatical admiration for our resident rockstar! ‪#‎SUPERRaquel‬ is an absolute, exceptional standout! Never one to be just part of the crowd. She wows us with her willingness to help those in needs without a moment of hesitation, and blinds us all with her bigger than life heart of gold. As a massage therapist, there is no doubt she has ‪#‎thegoldentouch‬! ‪#‎MusictoourEars‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman

Russ Dulaney is an IT Professor at Rasmussen College Ocala (19 years and counting). On the days he is not fishing or steering his boat down the St. John’s River. you can find him working on a computer, or building/repairing something McGyver style. He has a totally awesome wife, 2 kids, his dad, and an assortment of cats and dogs at home to keep him busy.

#SUPERRuss has the innate capability to retrieve, transmit and manipulate data to provision and obtain the productivity tools KidGenius requires to increase efficiency. A master at human skill and technology. The resourceful Russ, can perform more or less any mental feat. We are pretty sure that his intelligence quotient is far above that of a #Genius level. Never more than a carton of baking soda away from saving the day, his propensity to see substantial changes to the real world, encourage us to pursue a higher self of a collective existence. #RuletheWorldwithJustaHairPin #CrusaderoftheInfomationHighway #holyAMAZINGboardbatman

Originally from Ohio; Traci moved to Ocala 13 years ago to be close to her parents. She has 1 son & 2 grandchildren, and is the Proprietor of Tattookah. Her idea for the tattoo shop came “on a whim” after she hosted a cookout for friends and talked to tattoo artists who complained about their jobs. Wanting her friends to have a place to be able to enjoy better working conditions Traci did what Traci does, rolled up her sleeves and made magic happen. Two months later Tattookah was born. Her love for family transfers into her business and she has made it a point to look for ways to bring in people who would normally not set foot inside a tattoo shop. The walls and shelves are full of handmade crafts made by local artists for sale and over in a corner is a teepee where you will often find one of her grandchildren playing. Though many would not consider a tattoo shop to be a family friendly place, somehow Traci has accomplished just that. As a proud Ambassador for the Chamber & Economic Partnership (CEP), Traci helps to build stronger community relationships.

#‎SUPERTRACI‬ continues to make magic as an official ‪#‎SUPERSIDEKICK‬ of KidGenius, she has been an integral partner from the very beginning, always available and willing to answer the call of justice. Her sorcery super powers are intoxicating and this creative chameleon literally wears her art on her sleeve. Her commitment to those she loves is as unbreakable as she is, and she has the ability to manipulate time and space so that the conventional 24 hour human time frame does not apply to her. ‪#‎WatchHerPullaRabbitOuttaHerHat‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman‬ ‪#‎Abracadabra‬

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Healing & Helping our patients with love, respect and expertise

Your child is your greatest treasure. At Premier Pediatrics, we understand the love you have for your child. Our goal is to come alongside parents just like you, providing the best in pediatric care, meeting the needs of each individual child and ensuring that they enjoy healthy and happy development into adulthood.

7960 SW 60th Ave

Ocala , FL 34476

Phone: 352-671-6741

14141 Hwy 40

Silver Springs, FL 34488

Phone: 352-625-2727

11223 N Williams Street, Suite I

Dunnellon, FL 34432

Phone: 352-522-1862