Autism in Ocala:   We wish to open an Autism center here in Ocala Florida.  As previous board members of Ocala Autism Support Network, we were able to see first hand what families who have children on the Autism Spectrum needed and were missing.  In an effort to be able to provide these services, therapies and assistive devices, KidGenius was born.


....a Differently-Abled Approach

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Russ Dulaney

By delsadarline, Nov 18 2015 03:59PM

MEET THE BOARD: Russ Dulaney is an IT Professor at Rasmussen College Ocala (19 years and counting). On the days he is not fishing or steering his boat down the St. John’s River. you can find him working on a computer, or building/repairing something McGyver style. He has a totally awesome wife, 2 kids, his dad, and an assortment of cats and dogs at home to keep him busy.

‪#‎SUPERRuss‬ has the innate capability to retrieve, transmit and manipulate data to provision and obtain the productivity tools KidGenius requires to increase efficiency. A master at human skill and technology. The resourceful Russ, can perform more or less any mental feat. We are pretty sure that his intelligence quotient is far above that of a ‪#‎Genius‬ level. Never more than a carton of baking soda away from saving the day, his propensity to see substantial changes to the real world, encourage us to pursue a higher self of a collective existence. ‪#‎RuletheWorldwithJustaHairPin‬ ‪#‎CrusaderoftheInfomationHighway‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman‬

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