Autism in Ocala:   We wish to open an Autism center here in Ocala Florida.  As previous board members of Ocala Autism Support Network, we were able to see first hand what families who have children on the Autism Spectrum needed and were missing.  In an effort to be able to provide these services, therapies and assistive devices, KidGenius was born.


....a Differently-Abled Approach

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Natalia Moy

By delsadarline, Nov 18 2015 04:00PM

MEET THE BOARD: Natalia Moy is a Film Producer and Co-Founder of ThatsHowItsDoneProductions, a multiple award winning film production Company specializing in Cinematography and Visual Effects. Natalia has been married, and has educated children since 1996. Her husband is the fortunate and privileged man to make logic and settle her high spirited heart, together they feel honored to have been entrusted and gifted with 5 incredibly talented sons. The best and most enduring hands-on-project they accomplished as a family is building their own two-story house.

Recognized for strengthening women and empowering them to become Ambitious Mommies. Natalia enjoys transforming lives through motivational speaking and instilling guidance with core values to those in need. She aspires toward greatness by setting her mind to do something and being an example on how to accomplish completion. Her favorite word is Ambition, which means to have a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

‪#‎SUPERNatalia‬ does her "thang" with her ability to project powerful fields of manipulated energy right into your living room! Her proclivity for hard work delivers an omnipresence that allows her to cultivate contacts and develop assets in order to further collective goals. Through her dimensional travels, she is able to spotlight those who encompass an inclination to carry out good. Our humble Hollywood heroes’ extraordinary talents are an intrinsic value to KidGenius, and as quick as you can show “Jazz Hands” she will have your heart hog tied and captured! ‪#‎LeadingLady‬ ‪#‎Action‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman‬

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