Autism in Ocala:   We wish to open an Autism center here in Ocala Florida.  As previous board members of Ocala Autism Support Network, we were able to see first hand what families who have children on the Autism Spectrum needed and were missing.  In an effort to be able to provide these services, therapies and assistive devices, KidGenius was born.


....a Differently-Abled Approach

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Delsa Darline

By delsadarline, Nov 18 2015 04:01PM

MEET THE BOARD: Delsa Darline is Creative Communications Director. Her company e-Swank specializes in "Guerrilla" marketing tactics. Most importantly and foremost she is a mother. Her theory is to never take business so seriously that you forget why you set out to conduct it. “Before I go to bed every night I ask myself did I do all that I could; and then I sleep – I haven’t slept in 20 years!”

As one of the founders of our organization,her spidey senses tingled when she saw the lack of resources that were available for her Super Au-some son. ‪#‎SUPERDelsa‬ has the ability to shape shift and become a multi faceted member of our organization. . As the Vice President she is quicker than a speeding bullet to take the reigns, always ready with an arsenal of gadgets on her utility belt and the all knowing access of ‪#‎GoogleGlass‬ on her head. As Executive Director, her fluidity to address all aspects of KidGenius from business development to pavement pounding makes this techy toting hero a force to be reckoned with! ‪#‎GoogleMe‬ ‪#‎holyAMAZINGboardbatman‬ ‪#‎tothebatmobile‬

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